July 15, 2016

High Asset Divorce: Planning Your Strategy before You File

Complex Divorce, Divorce, Divorce Finances

When it comes to divorce, the planning you do now can greatly impact your future. This is especially true in complex, high net worth divorces where the earning potential or assets of one party is significantly impaired. If you are a dependent spouse and about to embark on a divorce, know how to protect yourself against a […]

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March 24, 2016

Preparing Financially for Divorce

Divorce Finances

In the middle of divorce, financial decisions are among the most difficult and complicated to make. In the past, when a couple was divorcing, it was often the woman who ended up without anything, especially in states where there was no equal distribution property law and the woman did not work outside the home. These days, […]

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February 15, 2016

Hidden and Wasted Assets during Divorce

Division of Property, Divorce Finances

The divorce process relies on both sides to disclose all of their assets and relevant financial records to allow judges to make fair decisions about the division of property. When one spouse hides assets or wastes the marital assets on purely personal pleasure, it threatens to undermine the entire system. Uncovering Hidden Assets One of the […]

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