A surprising number of people believe their divorce will be simple. However, many divorces turn out to be much more complex than people expect. Often the process of filing for divorce brings to the surface buried resentments and previously unknown facts. When a divorce becomes complicated, you need a skilled divorce attorney to help you through the process.

What Makes a Divorce a Complex Divorce?

The most basic difference between a complex divorce and a simple divorce is the number of things to fight over and the degree of animosity between the two sides.

While many high net-worth divorces are complex because of the different properties, other assets, and often complicated income structures, plenty of middle-class divorces become complex cases. Situations where there is a family business or multiple retirement accounts makes a divorce complex.

When there are custody disputes or accusations of abuse and addiction, the process becomes complex. Outside experts get involved, and the two sides often must go through a rigorous pre-trial discovery process.

Managing a Complex Divorce

Managing a complex divorce is a little like solving a jigsaw puzzle. While it is important to keep the big picture in mind, the puzzle can only be solved by carefully examining the details on each piece.

Complex divorce cases often take much longer to get through the court system because all of the assets must be valued and examined. It can be difficult to figure out if a business is a marital asset or not. If a business is a marital asset may depend in the value the respective spouses added to the business.

Before any settlements can be proposed or any positions mapped out, all of the different factors must be identified and understood. Once both sides understand what all the pieces are, they can then attempt to negotiate a settlement.

By the time the two sides have traded documents and sat through depositions, their emotions may be raw. Part of managing a complex divorce is keeping emotions in check and making rational choices that are in your best interest. The best complex divorce lawyers understand how to manage a divorce case on several different fronts at the same time.

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