July 27, 2015

Divorce: When the Signs Are There

Divorce, Illinois divorce lawyer

It is no secret that divorce is difficult. One of the most complicated moments in a divorce is before it even begins: making the decision that you and your spouse should no longer be together, and take the next step of your lives separately. Deciding to actually go to a divorce attorney and initiate the proceedings can be among the most difficult steps in the entire process. Once the ball is rolling, so to speak, many people even often feel relief because they have been looking toward it for so long.

So what are the signs that you and your spouse should no longer be together? What are the warning signs in a marriage that mean it is headed for dissolution? According to Psychology Today, there are several things either partner can look for to determine whether or not the relationship is still a healthy one that is working for both people. Unfortunately the cases in which both partners reach the decision at the same time are rare, meaning that one often will feel blind-sided or unprepared to split. The more on board both partners are at the beginning of the proceedings generally determines how amicable the divorce as a whole will be.

There are several signs that both partners should be aware of as signals that divorce could be on the way. The first is that neither partner bothers to resolve fights. When partners fail to seek conflict resolution, it signals that they no longer care for the other person’s respect, and are gradually withdrawing from intimacy. Another is if one or both partners disengages emotionally. No marriage can function without emotional connection.

There are other more tangible signs as well. If a person seeks to bury him or herself in work, choosing to spend all of his or her time away from the marriage, it could be headed for divorce. Similarly, if a person begins preparing for a single life, by seeking a second mortgage or making physical improvements, it could be a warning sign.

If you or someone you know is considering divorce, the most important step is to seek legal counsel. Do not go through it alone. Contact a DuPage County family law attorney today.