March 16, 2015

Divorce and Infidelity: Facts and Figures

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Infidelity can tear apart a couple. And for those who have experienced infidelity, it may seem like the leading cause for divorce. However, cheating is not the only major cause for marital dissolution. In fact, according to a report published by Utah State University, a “lack of commitment” is even more common. Moreover, there are several factors which contribute to the likelihood of divorce, including eduction, income levels, the age a couple marries, and whether or not a couple cohabitates before marriage.

However, despite the fact that a cheating spouse was only cited in 55 percent of respondents’ reasons for divorce, noted in the Utah State University report, the vast majority of Americans—90 percent of those surveyed—believe that infidelity is wrong. More than 60 percent of Americans say that they would not forgive their spouse if he or she cheated and that their marriage would not be able to withstand the emotional, and sometimes physical, devastation of an affair.

So who cheats? The Huffington Post reports several qualities that may make your spouse more likely to cheat. One is that he or she may be genetically predisposed for an affair. Researchers found that roughly half of all people who had the DRD4 gene (known colloquially as the “thrill-seeking” gene) were more prone to be unfaithful. A British study found that among 2,000 female respondents, 73 percent of women who admitted to having an affair had mothers who had cheated as well. Despite the presumption that people cheat because they are seeking someone more attractive than their spouses, most people who admitted to cheating responded that they found their spouse more attractive than their cheating partner.

If you or someone you know is considering divorce because of infidelity, the most important first step is to seek the counsel of a legal professional. Do not go through it alone. Contact an experienced DuPage County family law attorney today. We are here to help you.