February 6, 2017

Can Child Custody Mediation Work for You?

Child Custody

One of the most important and emotional factors in a divorce is figuring out how children of the marriage will be cared for. When going through a divorce, there are many issues to take into consideration. Where a couple has accumulated significant assets such as financial holdings, business ownership, real estate, trusts, and retirement assets, the divorce process can become very time consuming and require detailed analysis. Add to that, establishing what care and upbringing is in the best interest of your child is a sensitive but paramount consideration.

A particular forum where matters concerning child custody issues can be agreed upon and resolved is the process of mediation. Child custody mediation is available in Illinois and was established to provide a program to help parents resolve child-related disputes and come to the right and proper decisions on child custody. Being represented by an experienced family law attorney is extremely important for forthcoming negotiations.

Mediation Benefits that Last

Child custody mediation offers a separating couple the ability to control and navigate the issues in a more conciliatory manner. Compared to a traditional divorce pursued in court, both parties have more opportunity to have their side heard and their issues addressed. Mediation often leads to a quicker resolution and is less costly and tenuous than a litigated process.

The idea of working together to promote the interest of their children can, in many cases, lead to a more congenial relationship going forward. Despite being divorced, a working relationship can be established between parents to ensure the children are cared for and have a good example of parents working together despite their differences. This, in turn, means potentially less stress and anxiety suffered on the part of the children. This mediation may even be a tool for parents to employ down the line when dealing with issues that may crop up regarding their children.

How an Experienced Attorney can Help

If your attorney deems you circumstances suitable for mediation where, as parents, you can find mutual ground and make fair and meaningful decisions regarding the custody of your children, the advice and counsel of an experienced DuPage County child custody attorney is helpful in the construction and contents of the joint parenting plan. This is a formalized plan that gets submitted to the courts and its contents should be an accurate memorialization of the intentions expressed and agreed upon by each parent. Based in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, the attorneys at Mulyk Laho Law, LLC are trained and experienced mediators who can assists you in finding an agreeable plan promoting the best interests of your children.