July 3, 2014

The Benefits of Divorce for Children

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Couples considering divorce may opt to stay together for a myriad of reasons. And one of the most common reasons is children. While there are several psychological studies that point to divorce and the lasting negative effects it can have on children, recent research points to the fact that oftentimes parents who stay in a bad marriage do more damage to the kids than those who split.

Scientific American reports that there are 1.5 million children in the U.S. who experience divorce every year. A 2002 study found that children of divorce usually experience a range of anxiety, anger, or shock for the first year. However, the symptoms and effects tend to wear off toward the end of the second year. Only a few children, reports Scientific American, seem to have lasting effects on their adult lives.

Some children of divorce point to the positive effects of their parents’ split. There are lessons about life and love, according to The Huffington Post, that children of divorce understand better than those whose parents stayed married. One reason is that it is “okay to ‘fall out of love’ with someone.” Not all couples stay together forever, reports The Huffington Post, and many people with parents who remained married (especially those who perhaps should not have) can end up with unreasonable expectations regarding what it means to be in a healthy relationship.

Other less-discussed benefits of divorce for kids include being able to see parents as humans with failings, being able to see the real personalities of their parents, and being able to understand what it means to have two homes.

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