June 25, 2015

Mediation Can Help the Divorce Process

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Depending on how well you and your spouse get along, mediation could be a better option than a traditional divorce. Mediation is the process in which a couple that is separating works with a professional to come to an agreement on all aspects of the divorce, rather than in the court system. This makes the process more personal and less daunting for many people, though it is not right for all couples. According to Forbes, there are several reasons you should consider mediation as an alternative to traditional divorce.

The first, of course, is that you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse could have a more solid foundation for a long-term relationship after the separation, because differences will have been decided in a neutral, inoffensive environment rather than with the aggressive background of courtroom proceedings. In addition, mediation can help to speed along an agreement between all parties and help to keep costs low. There are also psychological benefits: using a mediator means that you may be able to stay more in control of your divorce because decisions aren’t solely in the hands of the court. It allows you more privacy as you sort out the particulars of very personal decisions.

Perhaps, however, mediation has the most benefit for divorcing couples with children. As long as you are not separating in a high-conflict situation in which one parent does not want to maintain a prominent role in your child’s life, mediation can help to lay the groundwork for a shared parenting agreement, according to Psychology Today. Using a mediator can help to ensure that the child’s needs stay front and center during a complicated, and sometimes confusing, process.

If you or someone you know is considering or going through divorce and would be interested in learning more about mediation, the most important step is to seek appropriate legal counsel. Do not go through it alone. Contact an experienced DuPage County family law attorney today.