March 30, 2015

Financial Behavior Can Be an Indicator of Divorce

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According to Time, certain spousal behaviors indicate that a marriage may be headed for divorce. What some spouses may see as thoughtful behavior—showering a spouse in gifts and vacations, or fixing up a large house with the intention of moving to a smaller one—could actually be signs that the other spouse is ready to split.

Changes in family finances, which may indicate that divorce is on the horizon, are very similar to behavioral changes like lack of communication, stress, arguing, separation and isolation. For example, it may be a bad sign if your spouse suddenly argues about money or hides it. Additionally, your spouse may be considering divorce if he or she begins to make large withdrawals or has his or her personal credit card bills sent to an unshared mailing address, such as an office.

There are deeper psychological indicators warning that divorce may be on your spouse’s mind as well. One is when your spouse suddenly becomes pessimistic about his or her ability to make money, or how much he or she is making. This pessimism could be to prepare you for a lower divorce settlement—a means of planting the seed that your spouse is less financially sound than you may have known (even if it is not entirely true). This, in fact, is so common, that according to Time, attorneys even have a name for this specific type of behavior: RAIDS (recently acquired income deficiency syndrome).

Keeping the financial lines of communication open during your marriage can help to ensure that you do not fall victim to this type of behavior. Maintain a realistic view of your finances during marriage, and be aware of changing financial habits or behavior.

If you or someone you know is considering divorce, the most important step is to seek legal counsel. Contact an experienced DuPage County divorce attorney today.