July 29, 2016

Domestic Violence: Hurt by the Partner You Love

Domestic Violence

Married bliss can turn into a nightmare for many spouses and domestic partners if they become victims of domestic abuse. On average, nearly 20 people per minute are physically abused by an intimate partner in the United States. Of note is the fact that it is not one gender over, but both men and women suffer at the hands of an abusing spouse. Who exactly is the aggressor or “primary” abuser is often difficult to establish.

If you have been hurt by a loved partner, do not be afraid to reach out for help. Save yourself from further abuse and pain by taking a stand against your abuser speak to afamily law attorney to discuss your rights and legal options. Get the help you deserve to live a safe and healthy life.

The Main Offender and Their Method

One of the most difficult areas to pinpoint is the person who is the primary abuser. The implication is that the male is the primary aggressor but that is not always the case. Statistics show that either gender can be the aggressor.

An abuser’s main objective is to dominate and control their partner/victim. They can be very malicious and clever in the way they abuse, leaving their victim helpless and feeling powerless. The term vicious is often used to describe the cycles that consist of periods of highs and then lows; good times and then bad when there are periods of abuse. This gives the victim a false sense of security and a loving feel to charm them into thinking that their situation is stable. This vicious cycle repeats and thus the patterns of abuse emerges. The abuser’s goal is to instill a sense of fear into their partners so they remain subservient and obliging at all times.

Typical abusive behaviors can include:

  • Jealousy;
  • Isolating their partner from outside bonds and relationships;
  • Blaming their partner for their problems or how they are feeling;
  • Cruel to animals or children;
  • Hypersensitive (offended easily);
  • Duel personality; and
  • Previous threats or history of violence.

If these or similar behaviors are exhibited by your partner, do not let your suffering continue. Seek help. Legal routes offer you the best protection.

Compassionate Attorneys

Domestic abuse is a delicate situation but there are ways to afford yourself protection. The initial step is to separate yourself from the harm and consider and Order of Protection. Contact an experienced DuPage County domestic violence attorney. The attorneys at Mulyk Laho Law, LLC, have a depth of knowledge and experience in family law and will work in your best possible interests to ensure your safety in the eyes of the law. They offer a free initial consultation where you can express and explain the course of events in your relationship and what legal recourse you have.